September 2015 Travel Article

Valerie Graczyk, “Someday Travel”

Serve Me LEMONS Please!


I was smitten, it was romantic to spend a day visiting the towns along the Amalfi Coast on our recent Italy tour. I felt myself sliding into breathless beauty as I walked the narrow streets of the town of Amalfi on a pristine afternoon. There were tables set outside a small café and the Italian waiters were singing Dean Martin’s hit song “That’s Amore”. They were serving platters of “Lemon Delight”!

Lemon Delight is made from huge lemons the size of grapefruit that grow on the Amalfi Coast. Lemons are a major industry on the Coast with products of soaps, perfumes, candies and liqueur’s produced. Lemons have been around for a while. The Romans enjoyed them but the golden age was during the discovering of the Americas when the lemon was used to prevent scurvy on long sea voyages.   The first written record of the qualities of the lemons was in 1646 when botanist G. B. Ferrari wrote “the nipple is prominent, the rind is rough, pleasantly scented with a sweet taste.”

Our lovely Roman tour guide Rita had mentioned I had to experience “Lemon Delight” and I did. It was out of this world! The recipe is posted on the front page of our web site at  Just seeing the photo of the whipped white mounds of fluff with grated lemons made my mouth water, the recipe is by the famous pastry chef Sal de Riso.

 Another product is the after dinner drink limoncello, a sweet yellow liqueur, used to sooth the stomach after eating too much.   The drink has a 20 to 40 percent alcohol content. It had a kick to it for some it would be “ Amore” but not for me.