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October, 2015

Valerie Graczyk, Someday Travel

Sculpture Garden Harbor Park, Kenosha

Kenosha, Wisconsin is full of surprises so get in your car and discover their Harbor Park located on the lakefront. Having family in the Kenosha area we have witnessed the transformation of their lake front over the years. In less than two hours you can be walking or biking along a beautiful stretch of Lake Michigan with charming restaurants, museums, and a sculpture walk displaying fourteen pieces of outdoor art and a red trolley car lakefront tour. One of the museums houses a three story high Wooly Mammoth found in a Kenosha farmer’s field. The other museum is dedicated to the Civil War with an emphasis on Wisconsin.

On a recent visit I had the delight to view the installation of three new sculptures. A flatbed truck and crane with workers guiding the process lowered a pig playing a saxophone onto a concrete base. Another installation was of a giraffe made from recycled items including a motorcycle and children’s swing set plus a fan. In talking with the artist, Joseph Gagnepain he enthusiastically shared how he finds materials for his sculptures and recycles them. 

The sculptures are replaced every two years, the Arts Fund of Kenosha which is a component fund of the Kenosha Community Foundation sponsors the Sculpture Walk. The fund provides the base for the sculptures to be set on and the artist receives a stipend of $2,000. I was impressed with the beauty, and uniqueness of the pieces shown. What a great way to share works of art, bring people to Harbor Park and enjoy a beautiful outdoor public space.

While traveling the world is my love sometimes it is enough to discover what is right in your own backyard.