Tentatively set for May 2021


We are still working out the details for a trip in 2021. Stay tuned!

What we do know is that you should join us on this memorable WWI tour from London to Paris. Key sites we'll visit include Churchill's War Rooms in London, tunnels and cliffs of Dover, Normandy and 3 days in Paris.

We will also travel to the White Cliffs of Dover to explore Churchill's Underground War Tunnels from where the British war efforts were centered. After this we will ferry across the English Channel to the small France town of Dunkirk. It was from this town that over 338,000 British and Allied troops were evacuated in a massive campaign to get them to England in order save them from an attacking force of Nazi troops that were closing in on them. From there we will travel to the famous Beaches of Normandy where we plan to spend 2 nights before traveling to Paris for sightseeing and other pertinent WW II sites. 

To stay in touch and be notified when we decide the details of our trip, contact us and we will place your name on the trip list. You will be kept updated as the trip is being formed. There is no obligation and you can request that your name be removed at any time.